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Guys, can you take a second to read this?

This is my daddy Keith. As you can see, he’s not only my dad but he’s a husband, and a papaw. He’s been married to my mom for 30 years, and worked to take care of me and my brother for as long as he could. He’s also very, very sick. The doctor’s found out a few months ago, that he’s in third stage liver failure… And he’s in need of a liver transplant desperately. If he was employed and had insurance, things would be alright… But my dad was injured after working 22 years in a grocery store, and his spine is severely damaged.

His liver failure is caused by years of medication, he’s not a drinker and never has been… One beer and he passes out. The problem with all of this, is the cost. We live in a small town in Kentucky, and they aren’t able to do the liver transplant here. We’re traveling either to Louisville, or the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville (whichever we can afford). The cost is the real problem. My dad has received disability for years now, which isn’t much when you consider he’s on about 15+ medications. My mom can’t work either due to her being diagnosed with MS, Fibromyalgia, and COPD. So she spends her days taking care of my dad, despite how sick she is.

I’ve listened to my mom crying herself to sleep for nights now, over the fear of losing my dad and I can’t take it anymore… I know begging is pathetic, so I won’t beg. But if anyone has it in their hearts, maybe you could donate a buck or two to help pay for this. I’ll also be doing an auction eventually to raise money, I’m getting plenty of items donated and I’ll be posting about it online as well as having one in my home town. If you don’t want to donate (which is cool - money is tight nowdays, and I understand that) can you just reblog this and spread the word?

My paypal email is, and I’ll post a link at the bottom… Thanks guys.

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    I am out of work right now but if I could help I would. Reblogging this for an amazing girl and good friend. If you are...
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    I had this going around awhile back, before we were 100% positive about the date of his transplant testing. However, we...
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About Me

Kate T.

My name is Kate.
I'm a 23 year old female wrestler (in training c;) trying to get mentally healthier and physically stronger.
I have a fantastic boyfriend and I love wrestling.
This blog is my journey to drop the extra pounds I'm packing around, get some serious muscle and strength gains, and an attempt to learn to love myself.

Squat: 150
Deadlift: 165 (Sumo)
Bench: 70 (Incline)

This here is what you call domination, it's a combination of skills and concentration.

Favorite Quote

"Doubt fucks everything. Take a foundation, no matter how strong, sprinkle generously with doubt, and watch it crumble. Me? I’m unfuckwithable. Not this knee, not bad weather, and certainly not the many men that wish bad intentions on me can stop me. I rise up, not like a phoenix, but like the zombie corpse of Dick Murdoch."

-- CM Punk.